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I love Japan! I love Arashi! ♫
I love Ohno Satoshi-kun! He is my ichiban forever! The amazing and adorable riida!
My niban is the precious Ninomiya Kazunari!
My OTP forever is Ohmiya. They are perfect together! They are really special to me. I love them so much! *-*~
This blog is dedicated to Ohno Satoshi, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohmiya and Arashi!
Here you'll find my posts and reblogs about them!
I make gifs and edits. I hope you like them!
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Ohmiya forever and ever

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Precious Ohmiya moment ♥ - Jouhoutsuu 2004.08.19

Ninomiya Kazunari - Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 (2009)

↳ Arashi at National Stadium 2008-2013 Photobook

Ohno Satoshi ♥ - Arashi ni Shiyagare / 24 hour TV 2014.08.30

[Expectation/Reality]: Ohmiya x The Plastic Wrap Game

嵐 - Arashi ni Shiyagare / 24 hour TV 2014.08.30

DoS Satoshi ♥ - Jouhoutsuu 2003.01.17

Happy Birthday, Jun!! 


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matsumoto jun: a mini guide [2/2]

Happy 31st Birthday Matsumoto Jun | 30 Aug 1983


matsumoto jun: a mini guide. [1/2]


happy birthday, matsujun :D

Cute boy