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I love Japan! I love Arashi! ♫
I love Ohno Satoshi-kun! He is my ichiban forever! The amazing and adorable riida!
My niban is the precious Ninomiya Kazunari!
My OTP forever is Ohmiya. They are perfect together! They are really special to me. I love them so much! *-*~
This blog is dedicated to Ohno Satoshi, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohmiya and Arashi!
Here you'll find my posts and reblogs about them!
I make gifs and edits. I hope you like them!
Everything here has tags. If you want to find something, check my taglist. ^.~
Feel free to talk to me! ^.^

100% an Arashi blog
Ohno-biased ^.~
Ohmiya forever and ever ♡

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Ohmiya ♥ - VS  2014.04.24

Nekomiya ♥ (=^・^=)

Ohno Satoshi - TV Guide 2014.06


Nino showing off the world’s cutest face (x)

Shinigami-kun - Episode 01


Nino used to show his inner darkness by bringing his umbrella to the classroom without closing it.

Arashi Concert DVD’s (2000-2014): ARAFES ‘13
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Thank you, pink girl!! ♥

Well, 5 nice things about me… >.< 

1. I’m a friendly person.

2. I like to make people smile! ^__^

3. I’m kind and calm.

4. I enjoy making new friends.

5. I’m good at dancing.


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