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Cute Satoshi ♥ - VS Arashi 2014.09.18

Special people that make us so happy! 

Precious ♥♥

2014.09.18 AD - Concerts aren’t just places to listen to music.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
Here’s today’s thought of the day; come on!

"Concerts aren’t just places to listen to music. It’s a place you go to see men singing with passion."

[BGM ‘Daremo Shiranai’]

How cool! That’s a great quote, huh?
This is a quote by Japanese rock musician Yazawa Eikichi-san. Certainly; people don’t go to a concert to listen to music. They’re there to see the singers’ performance and expressions and emceeing and so on, and to enjoy the energy overflowing from the artiste.

Of course! Mm. Ahh, speaking of which, that’s Hawaii, isn’t it? Mm. Well, we’re singing with feeling. (laughs) We’re singing and dancing, though. Man, it’s like, we’d never thought we’d be able to do a concert in Hawaii again. Since that 2002 fan event… Since that time the fans all came to Hawaii. Did volleyball and all, right? Beach volleyball or something. Mm.

So how many years has it been since then? About 12 years? Since I went. Really? It’s been that long since I’ve been? So I’ve no idea whether it’s changed or not. Mm. There was that place. That shopping centre… Ala Moana. There was that place. I’ve been there before. Yeah, at the time of our debut, Nino and a differently-coloured me went and bought long-sleeved shirts there. I think it’s still at my parents’ house. (laughs)

And then the fans were like on school lunch duty and then Arashi were like the ones distributing the lunch[1]. Then we had a game with the fans where we arranged them to form words. (laughs)

That’s about all I can remember now, it really makes me realise how long it’s been since Hawaii. Well, in any case, the performance rehearsals are over. Next up’s the stage (rehearsals). Mm. Checking (the stage) and all. Well, there’s a sense of looking forward to it. Mm.

Weather’s great. Well, even if it rains over there, it’s just a squall, right? I don’t know if it’ll really pour down, though. That’s right. This is Ohno-san! It rains wherever I go. (laughs) Probably, huh? I doubt it. Mm. It’s changed a little. It’s become wind instead. Previously when I did ‘Shinigami-kun’, it barely rained. We had strong winds.

So folks, there may be strong winds. For those going, go carefully and let’s enjoy it all together. Well, for those who can’t make it, please look forward to reports in the distant future.

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


[1] He’s referring to the Stand Up Hawaii event, where Arashi distributed breakfast to fans, buffet-style.