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Arashi Blast in Hawaii ♥ - The Television / TV Guide 2014.10


Limited Edition(Top, 16 tracks)
• Special packaging
 DVD PV of “Zero-G making” and making of(28min. 45sec. long)
 56-page booklet

Regular Edition(Bottom, 17 tracks)
 Bonus track: “Take Of!!!!!”
 32-page booklet

1. Zero-G
2. Wonderful
3. Tell me why
4. Asterisk
5. Imaging Crazy(Ohno Solo)
6. GUTS !
7. Disco Star(Aiba Solo)
8. 誰も知らない(Daremo Shiranai)
10. STAY GOLD(Jun Solo)
11. Bittersweet
12. メリークリスマス(Merry Christmas/Nino Solo)
13. キミの夢を見ていた(I was just dreaming about you)
14. One Step
15. Hey Yeah!(Sho Solo)
16. Hope in the darkness
17. Take Off!!!!!(bonus track)

Arashi - Josei Jishin 2014.10.14

VS Arashi in Hawaii 2hrs SP will be aired on November 6th!

[CMs Collection]: Satoshi, Sho and Jun - Nissan CM


We can hardly see his crying, maybe he was deeply touched :)


Just don’t get hurt :)