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[CMs Collection]: Ninomiya Kazunari - Eisai Chocola BB CM


Ohno Satoshi in Popolo December 2011


Ohno Satoshi in Popolo December 2011

Trackname: Breathless (Instrumental)
artist: Arashi
265 plays


Arashi - Breathless (Instrumental)

Pikanchi Life is Hard Tabun Happy 

So precious!  - Pikanchi Half

The leader of cuteness 

Precious Ohmiya ♥ - VS  2014.07.31


ohno satoshi - blast in hawaii shop photos

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[Myojo Mar 02’] Love Novels by Arashi: #1 Ohno    →


The 5 members of Arashi write romantic novels with themselves as the main character. While saying “this is so difficult…”, they had to come up with their individual stories from scratch, starting from the name of the female lead till their fateful meeting. The stories these 5 people wrote are an enjoyable read, encasing their hopes, imaginations, and real experiences.

arashi blast in hawaii - shop photos