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Cute boy 

Kawaii! ♥ - VS 嵐 2014.08.28

So handsome and cute!! 


Iza, Now 2004 || MC part

Ohmiya moment - Nino giving his support to Satoshi when our cute leader couldn’t stop coughing ♥ - VS  2010.08.12

You are the best~! I think you were the first blog I found that was all Ohmiya and for that I definitely thank you! <3
Awww <3 Thank you so much for appreciating my blog, dear! It is a great pleasure to spread love for Ohmiya here. Satoshi and Nino are very precious to my heart. I admire them as individuals, with their interesting personality and their amazing talents, and I admire them together as Ohmiya, because I can feel the reality of their feelings for each other. Their love, their intimacy and their will of being together are shown in their eyes, their body language, their words and their silence. This is so special! I wish them all the happiness of the world. <3 They make my heart smile every day and I want to share this feeling with all of you here! ^-^ Kissu!

Congratulations, dear <33 and thank you so much for all the wonderful gifs you make! <3
Honey!! Thank you for always being so kind to me!! <3 <3 Kissu!


2014.08.27 AD - Sparkling summer.

Good morning. This is Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.
This week FM Yokohama is bringing you the theme of ‘Endless Summer’, so we’ll be reading out summer-themed messages from the listeners and we’ll be bringing you a special version where I talk about my summer memories!

[BGM ‘Aozora Pedal’]

Right, so first up, we have mail from listener Sho-chan.
"Satoshi-kun, good morning. The other day, I went to a firework festival. My 5-year-old son was overjoyed and his face was sparkling and radiant with smiles. In the past, I’d seen a drama where there was a situation where the boyfriend told his girlfriend, 'You're lovelier than the fireworks' but I really think seeing my son’s smiles was better than the fireworks. Satoshi-kun, have you seen fireworks this year? If you have any memories from firework festivals, please share them.”

Ahh, firework festivals. I’ve dealt with a complaint that the remnants of the fireworks that exploded from the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival had scattered all over someone’s roof and was bothering them.[1] (laughs) On a show, on a show. Though you probably figured that without me saying it. (laughs)

But well, if we’re talking about fireworks I’ve seen, I guess it’s gotta be AraFes. In the Kokuritsu; we’ve got to do it there for 6 years. So I guess that means I see them every year.

But well, when was it now… Last year or maybe the year before last, somewhere around there. Um, when we were dancing 'Monster'. It was a performance where they were shooting fireworks up behind us. And then well, you’d want to watch those, right? (laughs)

While we were dancing 'Monster'

(sings) ♪ Your s…~ BANG BANG BANG!
They were just going off behind. And the fans were all watching that, right? So that meant they weren’t watching us. I mean, since we were dancing, they should’ve been watching us, right, the fans? But in any case, they were watching the fireworks. Of course. (laughs)

So the 5 of us felt kinda lonely.

And then Nino and I, right, I think the formation was such that we were switching from front and back, we were just sneaking peeks (at the fireworks). (laughs) I mean, we wanted to see it, right?

Then MatsuJun was like, "Do your best over there! No peeking! It’s all part of the performance!"

"Yeah, we know, but the fans aren’t watching us anyway…"

That happened one year. I think it was last year? Or the year before last? We’d got on the cranes, and you’ve gotta be facing front and singing for that. But even on the cranes, the fans were watching the fireworks. (laughs)

So we kinda watched too. And then when it ended, MatsuJun got mad at us.

"Leader, you were watching, weren’t you?"

"Eh?" (laughs)

"You were watching right? You can’t do that."

"Well, we just end up watching, right?"

"You can’t! I mean, I wanted to watch it too!"

Despite saying that, I kinda watched it the next day anyway. (laughs) You’d want to watch that, right? It was out in full force, that was. Mm. Man, but those firework performances were great. I probably watched them all in those 6 years. (laughs)

I guess I wouldn’t see them this year. Mm. I feel like we asked about that in the past.

Let’s hope for them next year, then. Let’s see them next year.

That’s all; this was Ohno Satoshi!


[1] That would be the 07.08.2002 episode of C no Arashi, if you’re wondering.

Ohno Satoshi - Arashi Anniversary Tour 5x10 (2009)

↳ Arashi at National Stadium 2008-2013 Photobook

Thank you for all your gifs! They make my day and I love seeing them and always can’t wait for new ones to come up on your tumblr!
Come here, darling! Let me hug you tightly! <3 Thank you for your sweetness! You made my day! ^.^

shorindayo whispered:
This is a tumblr hug :) Pass it on to at least 10 of your favorite followers and remember don’t break the chain (★^O^★)

Aww! *hugs you* Thank you so much, dear shorindayo! <3


ohmagno replied to your photoset: His laugh is so cute and precious ♥ 

Miyuki-arashi, I love your gifs! You are the best! Thank you!

*blushing* OMG You are sooo cute~ <3 Thank you so much, lovely! ^.^


Adorable human beings ♥ - VS  2009.04.04

They’re not buying anything for you then, you’re robbing them!

Arashi - Step and Go - Tokyo Friend Park II - 2008.03.31